Squad Feud is the second episode and the second season of Great News which was aired on October 5, 2017. It was written by Ben Dougan directed by Jeff Richmond.

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Diana encourages Katie to stand up for herself; when Katie demands to choose her own topic for a news story, Greg challenges her to executive produce an entire episode. Despite unanticipated challenges, Katie succeeds; Diana gives Katie Greg's job, but Katie turns it down, explaining that executive producing is not her goal; Katie wants to cover stories she cares about, and Greg agrees to accept her input on that. After Katie tells Carol about almost kissing Greg, Carol becomes obsessed with getting them together; emboldened by Diana's advice, Katie gets Carol to admit that Katie might know what's best for herself. After Diana and Portia appear together on a discussion panel and Diana insults Portia, they feud. Portia lures away Diana's chief of staff, Gerald, and Diana uses industry connections to remove Portia's social media followers. Perversely, Portia's mind is thus freed to "ideate" a solution: they will monetize the feud and share the profits; Diana acknowledges Portia's competence.

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