Serial Arsonist is the sixth episode and first season of Great News which was aired on May 9, 2017. It was written by Ben Dougan, also directed by Ken Whittingham.

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Field reporter Kevin is exposed as a serial arsonist and the leader of a redhead-supremacist group. At Carol's urging, Katie accepts his job. Her first report goes well, but without Katie's production support Portia squanders an interview with a source Katie developed. Katie wants to return to her previous position, but her field reporting was so well received, Greg insists she continue. Katie realizes Carol and her friends made all the positive calls the network received. To prove to Carol that she is capable of achieving fame but uninterested, Katie disrupts her live shot to reprise a childhood pageant routine. Greg instead runs a new theme song Justin helped Chuck create to prove he could match Portia's outside pursuits. Carol realizes fame is her own dream, and Katie encourages her to pursue it. Greg lets Katie return to producing and hires a new field reporter, unaware he is secretly Kevin's follower.

Cast and Characters Edit

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  • Brad Morris as Gene
  • Sheaun McKinney as Wayne
  • Stewart Skelton as Dave
  • Makenzie Pappan as 10 Year Old Katie
  • Alec Manley Wilson as Kevin (credited as Alec Wilson)
  • Ben Hermes as Robert
  • Greg Allan Martin as Stan (credited as Greg Martin)
  • Ava Himmel as Field Reporter
  • Lucas Walsh as YouTube Star
  • Alex Staggs as Richard
  • Bon Ogle as Creepy Guy
  • Dan Sachoff as Ventriloquist

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