The second and final season of the sitcom television series Great News which originally aired from NBC on September 28, 2017 and concluded on Janaury 25, 2018. The season consists of 13 episodes.

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  • Ashley Liao as Moana
  • Reid Scott as Jeremy
  • Cecily Strong as Jessica Mancuso
  • Jayma Mays as Cat
  • Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons as Himself


  • It was renewed for a second season and consists of 13 episodes on May 11, 2017.
  • Tina Fey joins the cast as she recur the character of Diana St. Tropez.
  • Ashley Liao of Fuller House is a guest appearance.
  • The series has formally cancelled on May 11, 2018.

Episodes Edit

No. overall No. in season Title Air Date Director Writer
11 1 Boardroom Bitch September 25, 2017 Beth McCarthy-Miller Tracey Wigfield
Boardroom Bitch (7) Powerful executive Diana St. Tropez takes over The Breakdown. Katie asks Diana to mentor her; Diana declines but advises Katie to freeze her eggs in order to prioritize her career over family. Feeling threatened by Katie's admiration for Diana, Carol physically attacks Diana but ultimately realizes that her ideas have some merit. Katie and Greg agree not to pursue a relationship. Greg tells Katie she would be a worthy protégée; Katie is moved to confront Diana, who decides to mentor her because she is impressed that Katie has had any success after being raised by Carol. Diana introduces a panel format that earns record ratings, but Chuck is unable to get a word in edgewise against absurd, shouting pundits. Portia initially intends to let Chuck fail, but takes pity on him and introduces a topic he is comfortable with: "why change is bad."
12 2 Squad Feud October 5, 2017 Jeff Richmond Ben Dougan
Squad Feed (1) Diana encourages Katie to stand up for herself; when Katie demands to choose her own topic for a news story, Greg challenges her to executive produce an entire episode. Despite unanticipated challenges, Katie succeeds; Diana gives Katie Greg's job, but Katie turns it down, explaining that executive producing is not her goal; Katie wants to cover stories she cares about, and Greg agrees to accept her input on that. After Katie tells Carol about almost kissing Greg, Carol becomes obsessed with getting them together; emboldened by Diana's advice, Katie gets Carol to admit that Katie might know what's best for herself. After Diana and Portia appear together on a discussion panel and Diana insults Portia, they feud. Portia lures away Diana's chief of staff, Gerald, and Diana uses industry connections to remove Portia's social media followers. Perversely, Portia's mind is thus freed to "ideate" a solution: they will monetize the feud and share the profits; Diana acknowledges Portia's competence.
13 3 Honeypot! October 12, 2017 John Riggi Tina Fey & Sam Means
Honeypot! (8) Diana is promoted to COO of MMN's conglomerate parent company, which will take her overseas, and makes Katie senior associate producer. Diana suddenly subjects the staff to bizarre sexually charged harassment. Katie doesn't believe her coworkers' claims until Carol reveals she was made head intern only after cooperating with Diana's demeaning behavior. When the entire newsroom attempts to capture evidence of Diana's actions, she admits that she was trying to end her corporate career by receiving a golden parachute like male executives who behave inappropriately. She resolves to instead extend her professional success. Carol earns the respect of the very young interns by retrieving a balloon from the ceiling after decades of failed attempts by others.
14 4 Award Show October 19, 2017 Tristam Shapeero Chrissy Pietrosh & Jessica Goldstein
Award Show (5) The MMN staff is up for an award, and they are excited about their chances of winning one, but Katie sees her mother's excitement as being about the fact that she is up for a personal award. Chuck is excited to reconnect with his idol, Len Archer, and joins him and other well-known newscasters in poking fun at his colleagues, until he determines they have gone too far in doing so, and winds up defending them. Katie meets Jeremy, a reporter for a well-known organization who ridicules her career at MMN, only to change course when he sees a reason to respect her. Katie later learns she herself was mistaken, since her mother was excited for the award for the network.
15 5 Night of the Living Screen October 26, 2017 Victor Nelli Jr. Robert Padnick
Night of the Living Screen (3) Katie lives in the shadow of her successful friend, who constantly shares how wonderful her life is on social media. Desperate to prove that her own life is just as good, Katie convinces Portia to allow her to come to several parties with her, which she posts about online. Then, in a drastic turn of events, en route to a Halloween party, she gets soup spilled on her, her dress gets ruined, and she is pursued by security, who consider her to be a potential threat in view of her wild appearance. When her friend, citing concerns about her lack of posts as grounds for assumming she is sick and bringing her soup, Portia proves that Katie's friend is not the success she appears to be. Elsewhere, Chuck and Carol argue over the network's insistence that he use advanced technology in his newscast. After convincing Carol the screen is possessed by a demon, Chuck teaches himself to use the screen in an effort to apologize. At the end of the episode, Katie learns that the man from whom she rented her costume was a former employee of the costume shop who had died several years prior to that.
16 6 Pool Show November 2, 2017 Payman Benz Hayes Davenport
Pool Show (3) Chuck bonds with Portia's football-playing fiance Carvell (who was suspended from the league for deflating the footballs, then filling them with helium), and the close bond formed by the two drives a wedge between both Portia and Chuck and Portia and Carvell. In an effort to help Portia "recapture the magic" in her relationship, Chuck shows her relationship videos in which he gave advice on matters of the heart. This results in Portia breaking up with Carvell, until Carvell learns about the videos, and when he takes issue with Chuck for having Portia watch those, the couple reconciles. Meanwhile, Carol, with a reluctant Greg in tow, spies on Katie and Jeremy, who are allegedly on a stakeout. Carol is pleased to see Greg clearly bothered watching the two together. Greg is forced to save the day to prevent Katie and Jeremy from being caught, then is comforted by Carol as Katie and Jeremy share a victory kiss.
17 7 A Christmas Carol Wendelson December 21, 2017 Maggie Carey Amy Hubbs
18 8 Sensitivity Training December 21, 2017 Tristram Shapeero Dan Klein
19 9 Love is Dead December 28, 2017 Beth McCarthy-Miller Robert Carlock & Sam Means
20 10 Catfight January 4, 2018 Claire Scanlon Josh Siegal & Dylan Morgan
21 11 Competing Offer January 11, 2018 Beth McCarthy-Miller Ashley Wigfield
22 12 The Fast Track January 18, 2018 Jay Karas Ben Dougan & Naomi Ekperigin
23 13 Early Retirement January 25, 2018 TBA TBA
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