Night of the Living Screen is the fifth episode and the second season of Great News which was aired on October 26, 2017. It was written by Robert Padnick and directed by Victor Nelli Jr.

Plot Edit

Katie tries to impress her friends by going to a hip Halloween party with Portia; Chuck is asked to use a new smart screen on the show but tries to get out of it by convincing Carol that it is possessed.

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Guest Edit

  • Cecily Strong as Jessica
  • Tracey Wigfield as Beth Vierk
  • Jeremy D. Howard as Ricard
  • Aaron Aguilera as Bouncer
  • Aubrey Marquez as Security Guard #1
  • Jacob Dwight Ramirez as Soup Guy
  • Greg Roman as Morgan
  • Andrew Thacher as Knife Guy
  • Phil Tyler as Security Guard #2

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is about Portia and Katie where bonding time in the Halloween Party when they were dancing.

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