Boardroom Bitch is the first episode and second season of Great News which was aired on September 29, 2017. It was written by Tracey Wigfield and directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller.

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Powerful executive Diana St. Tropez takes over The Breakdown. Katie asks Diana to mentor her; Diana declines but advises Katie to freeze her eggs in order to prioritize her career over family. Feeling threatened by Katie's admiration for Diana, Carol physically attacks Diana but ultimately realizes that her ideas have some merit. Katie and Greg agree not to pursue a relationship. Greg tells Katie she would be a worthy protégée; Katie is moved to confront Diana, who decides to mentor her because she is impressed that Katie has had any success after being raised by Carol. Diana introduces a panel format that earns record ratings, but Chuck is unable to get a word in edgewise against absurd, shouting pundits. Portia initially intends to let Chuck fail, but takes pity on him and introduces a topic he is comfortable with: "why change is bad."

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  • Tina Fey as Diana St. Tropez
  • Tracey Wigfield as Beth Vierk
  • Sheaun McKinney as Wayne
  • Brad Morris as Gene
  • Rachael Drummond as Transracial Woman
  • Joey Nader as Dog Groomer
  • Steven M. Porter as Vladislav
  • Kim Yarbrough as Wiccan Priestess
  • John Maholm as Obama Denier

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