A Christmas Carol Wendelson is the seventh episode and the second season of Great News which was aired from NBC on December 21, 2017. 

Plot Edit

Carol finds herself in a reverse "Christmas Carol" during which she learns that she has too much Christmas spirit and is driving everyone around her insane. Meanwhile, Chuck's estranged son, Petey, visits the office and Katie, who has been charged with babysitting him, tries to get the father and son to reconnect.

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Guest Edit

  • Will Sasso as Petey
  • Tracey Wigfield as Beth
  • Vicki Lawrence as Angie
  • Sheaun McKinney as Wayne
  • Brad Morris as Gene
  • Kingston Foster as Young Katie
  • Lindsey Grubbs as Miss New Jersey
  • Ever Scott as Kid
  • Stewart Skeleton as Dave

Trivia Edit

  • Carol was joining with angel Portia going to the flashback.

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